Hatevil Leighton

Hatevil Leighton was the earliest permanent settler of what is now Pembroke. He was born in 1750 in Dover, Province of New Hampshire. At the age of 13 he moved to the Narraguagus Valley (now Cherryfield) and lived with his older brother. In 1768 while on a cattle drive to Machias, he continued to explore as far east as Campobello Island. In 1770 he returned the Cobscook region and carved out a clearing on what is now known as Leighton’s Point in what is now Pembroke. At this time he began a business venture with Captain Robert Wilson and William Clark to cut timber on what is now Leighton Point.

He returned to the Narraguagus Valley late in 1771 and married Patty Denbow, the daughter of John Denbow. In the spring of 1773 he returned to live in the cabin, he had previously built, with his wife and infant son.