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The monthly meetings of the Pembroke Historical Society will offer an array of programs that will enthrall lovers of local, state, and national history. In putting the roster together Stephen Sanfilippo, PHS program coordinator, sought to schedule outstanding presenters on a variety of topics, including historic photography, subsistence settlement, women’s history, the American Civil War, shore life, and maritime commerce and culture. Presentations, which include lecture, visuals, and discussion, start at or soon after 7:00 PM, following each month’s 6:30 PM business meeting, at the PHS museum, intersection of Front Street and Old County Road, Pembroke. Admission and refreshments are free, and donations to the PHS are welcome. Presentations are appropriate for adults, especially for educators and for those interested in Maine’s history, and for students, grades 5 through college.

Pembroke Historical Society ZOOM

November 15, 2022

“Lighthouse Tales from the Tower”

Death and Duty in Downeast Maine

Presented by Dr. Debra Baldwin

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On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, at 7:00 PM EST, on ZOOM, the Pembroke Historical Society is honored to have Dr. Debra Baldwin present “Lighthouse Tales from the Tower: Death and Duty in Downeast Maine.” The historic lightkeeper’s life is imagined by many today as one full of romance, excitement and mystery. In reality, it was a very hard life for the keeper and his or her family, full of mundane duty, long hours, isolation, and high risk, particularly for those assigned to offshore stations. Many keepers died in the line of duty, or had family members perish due to accident, illness, or lack of medical attention. There were instances of heroism and sacrifice at almost every station. Dr. Baldwin will tell tales of tragedy and of exceptional service of keepers and their families at lights in Hancock and Washington.

Dr. Baldwin has been historian for Lighthouse Digest magazine for eight years, researching lighthouse topics and specializing in lightkeeper history. She has given lighthouse history presentations and has organized lightkeeper grave marker ceremonies in every coastal region of the United States. She received her Ph.D. at the University of Wales, near the original town of Pembroke, and retired as a history professor from Utah State University in 2019. A native Californian, she moved to Cutler in 2020 following many years visiting Maine lighthouses.

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