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by Bill Plaskon

April 16 at 6:00 PM

  at the Pembroke Libarary and on Zoom

April 16th at 6:00 PM at the Pembroke Library and on Zoom, The Pembroke Histoircal Society will host Bill Plaskon, President of the Jonesport Historical Society, who will be presenting Jonesport In the Movies. His presentation tells the background stories of eight movies that were partially filmed in Jonesport, set in Jonesport, show Jonesport folks in the movie, or were assisted  by the society or the town in making the movie. Two of the movies are based on novels by Stephen King. Two of the movies document the  centuries-old border dispute between the U.S. and Canada over Machias Seal Island. Another is a  Hollywood film version of the most popular Sunday night radio program in the nation in the 1920s, about fictional Jonesport folks. A docu-drama filmed in Jonesport and Israel is about the plight of  157 devout Christians from Jonesport and nearby towns, who in 1866 sailed to Palestine to  establish a colony. There is also the movie about a family that built and launched an ill-fated 88-foot sailboat in local waters. Finally, the Jonesport Historical Society provided assistance in  making a movie about a female lighthouse keeper, which was partially filmed in Jonesport and at  its Moosepeake Lighthouse.

Bill Plaskon was born and raised in New Jersey. His entire working career was with the AT&T  Corporation in New Jersey. He retired in 1996 as a computer programmer/analyst and database designer for AT&T International. After retirement he and his wife Barbara moved to Jonesport, Maine in 2001. They both helped create Sunrise Senior College in Machias in 2002, and served  for six years on its original Board of Directors, with Bill creating the membership database and  running the membership committee, and Barb in charge of publicity. 

 When the Jonesport Historical Society was established in 2003, Bill joined the Board of  Directors, built the membership database, and served as the membership and database manager. He also created an archives database and cemeteries database. In early 2019 Bill became the  president of the society.

This Pembroke Historical Society event will take place in-person at the Pembroke Library and on Zoom. To attend on Zoom, click the registration link below and fill out the form.